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Mosquito Sprarying to Begin Soon

The Mosquito Control Section of the Maryland Department of Agriculture will commence its spraying program on or around June 1, 2016, however, training spraying could begin as soon as May 30.

AOTB is scheduled to receive this ultra low volume (ULV) control spray, usually well after 8 p.m. on Monday nights and only after sampling trucks have confirmed that our mosquito population warrants such procedures.

This year, our need may be even greater than usual with the potential not only of the Asian tiger mosquito spreading the deadly West Nile virus, but also of a new threat -- that of the tropical mosquito-borne Zika virus, which could mutate to threaten more northerly areas.

Thus, it is imperative that we all do as much as possible to deal with the threat as safely and effectively as we can. Common sense dictates that while the ULV spray has been deemed safe for humans, you probably shouldn't drink a glassful or stand in the way of the spray truck, so please try to avoid being out late at night on Mondays and plan your barbeques for another night -- both small sacrifices for neighborhood safety.

We are required to advise our residents of their right to "opt out," but if more than a few do so, we will all lose this invaluable protection opportunity.

Should you wish to read more, click here to see the official state notice. We will continue to take advantage of our enlightened State's offer to protect ourselves, our families and our community from this real and present danger to our health security.

Traffic Safety Awareness Week in AOTB
August 24-30

The Property Owners Association of Arundel on the Bay is planning a Traffic Safety Awareness Week during the week of August 24 to focus attention on the need to "slow down" and adhere to the 25 mph speed limit when driving in the Community.

In an active Community where children play and residents walk and run (many with their pets), it is critical that drivers take their time and make safety a top priority.

Concern over the speed that many drivers employ when entering and exiting the Community gave rise to the creation of a Traffic Safety Committee which has been looking into options for heightening awareness about the need to SLOW DOWN.

The week will include the following

  1. Temporary placement by the County Traffic Safety Office of a speed detection sign that will display your speed
  2. Stepped up speed limit enforcement by the County Police Department
  3. Placement of additional signs intended to urge drivers to go slow

Last month the County added three 25 mph speed limit signs on Cohasset Avenue, bringing the total number of signs on Cohasset to six.

Please keep the following thoughts in mind as you drive through this wonderful Community we all call home:

We're counting on your cooperation, not just for one week in August, but every day. Remember that your driving affects more than just you.

Bike Safety - It Takes All of Us!

Please remember that when you are riding a bike you must abide by all traffic laws (stop signs, etc.) while in the community.

Parents: Please remember that AOTB has vehicles traveling its roads. Please work with your children on bike safety. Please encourage children to stay on the side of the road while riding and to stop at all stop signs and look for vehicles while transiting intersections.

Bike Safety Tips for Kids (and parents) | Lessons in Bike Safety

Drivers: Please remember that AOTB is a RESIDENTIAL community and as such has reduced speed limits. Please abide by these speed limits and be aware of your surroundings in our community. AOTB has many young children who are learning to bike and are not aware of traffic regulations. Remember that it doesn't matter who had the right of way... the goal is for everyone to stay safe!

Let's work together to keep AOTB safe! Drivers, joggers, walkers, bikers...we all live here!

New Community Boat Ramp Lock
Attention boaters!

(Juy 21, 2015) -- If you plan to continue using your AOTB community boat ramp, you'll now be required to use our new, keyed-lock system.

For far too long, inconsiderate folks, both residents and non-residents, have been removing our combination locks, forcing us to change them and their combinations much too often, inconveniencing everyone involved. Others simply leave our gate unlocked for anyone to use or abuse.

To deal with this chronic security issue, Board Chair Lori Strum and her husband, James, have devised a keyed-lock system that should help immensely and eliminate the need to call anyone for a combination.

Similar to those in use in our neighboring communities, the new lock -- already in place -- can only be opened by a special key that cannot be easily duplicated.

For a cost-covering fee of $5, we'll supply one key to each AOTB member who requests same from Lori (contact her at, or 410-804-4188).

Should you lose this key, or require a spare, a second one will cost you $15. After the initial key(s) are supplied, the cost for new keys will escalate to $25.

We're honestly not trying to make money, we simply want to help ensure the security of the new system, as well as emphasize the value of the time and effort involved in servicing these requests.

Most importantly, since the new system will require you to engage the lock before the key can be removed, we need everyone to make a personal commitment to re-lock the gate properly.

It's your boat ramp as well as your community, and ultimately your responsibility to safeguard both!

---David J. Delia, president, POA-AOTB

Join Your AOTB Neighbors for Dinner

Tuesday, July 21
Sin Fronteras Cafe
2129 Forest Drive, Annapolis

Join us in supporting our next community social fundraiser dinner gathering at Sin Fronteras Café. They specialize in serving authentic Mexican and Latin American cuisine with a Miami flare.

Of course, the primary function of all our events is helping our neighbors get to know each other better, so everyone is encouraged to attend. We enjoyed great success at past gatherings at Annapolis Smokehouse & Tavern, Jack’s Fortune Restaurant, Caliente Grill, Union Jack's, and Asian Buffet. Our neighbor, Toni Ray, knows the owner of Sin Fronteras and has arranged another great AOTB dinner date at a spot highly recommended by both Yelp and Trip Advisor. Check out their website and menu by clicking here.

Please call or email me with the number of your party so we can let the owners know how to set up their tables. Hope to see you there!

Margaret Delia
AOTB fundraising chair

Would you like to have a kayak/canoe rack in Arundel on the Bay?

The AOTB Board is considering building basic kayak/canoe racks for community residents. Before investing in this project, we must first determine whether enough people are interested and would be willing to walk to the sites, since no parking will be available. 

We ask that everyone who would want a year-round storage facility for their kayak/canoe, where they would be responsible for securing their own craft, email Kathy and Ed Conaway at by July 1. 

The results will be presented in a future email blast and on the website.

In the meantime, our good neighbors in Oyster Harbor have generously offered a few spots on their new rack at their Fishing Creek site at Cedar Avenue, and one spot on their rack at their bayside beach. These spots will be assigned on a first come-first served basis by emailing Kathy and Ed Conaway who will maintain a waiting list if the requests exceed the available spots.


Commemorating the June 2013 wine & jazz fest, AOTB President David Delia presents a certificate to Ellen Spicknall, Manager of Wine Cellars of Annapolis, acknowledging her company’s generosity in hosting the wine-tasting experience for our residents. Board member and Social Chairman Marc Apter beams in the background.

From the Board, Regarding Legal Action


We wish to inform the members of the Association of new claims and demands being made by certain property owners in AOTB by letter from their lawyer dated October 1, 2013, pertaining to the platted streets adjacent to their properties. We are publishing for the community record, in pdf format available on the AOTB website, the two letters sent to us by the claimants’ legal representative. The POA-AOTB Officers and Board are taking this matter very seriously and immediately coordinated with each other in emergency session on October 3, 2013.  

We hope to arrive at a fair resolution and have formally conferred with the Association’s legal counsel--Susan T. Ford--regarding the claims and demands made in the October 1st letters; we have also reached out to the claimants’ attorney to discuss the situation. Because one of our currently sitting Board members is involved in one of these claims, we have asked that member to recuse herself from any sessions related to either of these two claims.

While we invite any and all of our members to call me at 410-268-8622, or your Vice-President, Donna Watts-Lamont at 410-971-9306, for clarification, please remember we cannot generally discuss legal strategy at this point in the proceedings. Links to the pertinent documents are below.

David J. Delia, President, POA-AOTB
1375 Walnut Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403-4741
H: 410-268-8622
C: 443-534-7229

News from the County Executive's Office
January 9, 2014

Maryland Del. Dwyer losing House Ways and Means Committee seat
For the second time in a year, Del. Don Dwyer will be removed from a House of Delegates committee. House Speaker Michael E. Busch, D-Annapolis, said Thursday he was removing Dwyer, R-Pasadena, from the House Ways and Means Committee “to protect the integrity of the institution of the House of Delegates.” Dwyer is expected to lose his seat Friday. Dwyer was sentenced in October 2013 to 30 consecutive weekends in jail for drunken driving. He will spend most weekends during the 2014 General Assembly in confinement. Stripped of his committee position, Dwyer will only be able to debate and cast votes on the House floor for the remainder of the session. Read more.

Anne Arundel traffic deaths, homicides drop in 2013
Despite a number of high-profile deadly crashes in 2013, the number of people who died on Anne Arundel County roads dropped by nearly a third from the previous year. The 28 traffic-related deaths in the county in 2013 included three people killed on Route 3 in Millersville in August when a flatbed truck rear-ended a car, three others were killed in an early Easter morning crash in Odenton, and an Annapolis track coach struck and killed by a van while bicycling in Davdsonville. The figure is down from 39 in 2012 - a drop of nearly 30 percent, county Police Chief Kevin Davis said. Read more.

Anne Arundel Council Right to Rein in Health Insurance Costs
The Maryland Public Policy Institute praised the Anne Arundel County Council for voting to put the County retiree health program on sustainable footing with $300 million in savings. The Council's bipartisan vote Monday on Bill 85-13 comes two months after the Institute released a report, titled "Perpetual Shortfall," showing that Maryland state and local governments carry nearly $28 billion in unfunded retiree health obligations. "Like many counties in Maryland, Anne Arundel County's retiree health benefits program is speeding toward insolvency," said Christopher B. Summers, president of the Institute. "With $1 billion in obligations looming, the program could wreck the County's finances. The Council deserves credit for voting to rein in exploding health benefits liabilities while ensuring county employees have access to health benefits in the future. We hope the Anne Arundel County Executive signs this important legislation into law." Read more.

Study: Annapolis residents pay $1,406 more than county in taxes and utilities
Annapolis residents pay on average at least $1,406 more in taxes and utility rates than their counterparts in Anne Arundel County, according to a study produced by the city’s Finance Department.The comparison was distributed to members of the Annapolis City Council’s Finance Committee, which met Tuesday in City Hall. The Finance Department compared the average tax and utility bills for single-family homes in both the city and county. Read more.

Busch, Miller reelected as leaders of House, Senate
House Speaker Michael E. Busch and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller were reelected on Wednesday as leaders of their chambers. Busch, D-Annapolis, has served as House Speaker since 2003. Miller, D-Calvert, has served as Senate President since 1987. Busch was reelected after House Minority Nic Kipke, R-Pasadena, was nominated in a rare challenge to Busch's leadership. Kipke was shot down in a voice vote. Miller was reelected 43-1-3, with the lone 'no' vote coming from Sen. Bryan Simonaire, R-Pasadena. Simonaire later said in an email he could "not support the vision (Miller) has for Maryland." Read more.

Arundel on the Bay in the News

Foraging for Flavor: The Greek connection
- December 12, 2012
    Arundel on the Bay resident shares her recipes

Neighbors uncover history of Arundel on the Bay
- November 18, 2012

BGE officials meet to solve power issues with Arundel on the Bay
- October 10, 2012

BGE Walks, Talks With Residents About Outage Problems
- October 10, 2012

BGE responds to grass-roots call for reliability
One Arundel neighborhood's efforts, repeated by Sen. John Astle, yield results

- October 11, 2012

More News

At our November 2012 General Membership Meeting we were presented with some very good information from one of our county’s most important people, Fire Chief Bob Ray. Chief Ray spoke about several issues, like new equipment, potentially lower fire insurance rates, alternative water supply sources, drafting sites, street parking blocking emergency vehicles, and other issues relating to his dedicated fire and emergency services personnel. 

Perhaps the most important and least obvious thing any of us can do to help them help us is to identify ourselves properly. That is, Chief Ray told us that the number one problem his folks face in neighborhoods like ours is simply finding the right addresses. Sure, if your house is shooting flames 50 feet in the air it becomes a no-brainer; however, what about your sick kid, or your own heart attack, or other, less obvious needs for emergency assistance? 

Thus his plea was to get your house numbers front and center, and big enough (at least four inches tall) for his folks to see. Ya can’t help folks ya can’t find, so you can quite literally, heed or bleed!