The community of Arundel-on-the-Bay, founded in 1890, is located on the Chesapeake Bay near Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse outside Annapolis, Maryland. Some 300 households make up this diverse community.


Upcoming Zoom General Membership Meeting

Thursday, October 22, 2020, at 7 – 8:30 pm
Email secretary@arundelonthebay.org to be sent the Zoom link

1. Elect a Nominations & Elections Committee -- three to five trustworthy community members to impartially research possible candidates, prepare and mail the ballot, and then count the votes for our election next spring.

2. Budget Communication – this is the meeting at which the community can provide budget input, and the Board and Officers have a chance to explain why one thing might be a good idea, and why another thing might not be – so the information will be flowing both ways.

3. At 8 pm State Senator Sarah Elfreth and her colleagues, Delegates Shaneka Henson and Dana Jones, will be joining us to let us know what is going on that impacts our community.

We hope to adjourn promptly at 8:30 pm.

Never done Zoom before? Not a problem --- if you have a smartphone, an iPad, or a computer (MAC or PC) you can hook up from an email link we will send you. Let secretary@arundelonthebay.org know if you’re new to Zoom, and we’ll send you some starter information.


Above AOTB

Please enjoy aerial views of our wonderful community and its environs, as if you needed any more reason to live in our slice of paradise. The first three videos were taken very recently (January 26 and 27, 2020) by two talented aerial videographers: Santiago Assalini and Gero Verheyen. See also some previous views of our living shoreline beach under construction last year and our Chestnut Avenue drainage project planting effort in 2014. Click here to fly above Arundel on the Bay.


Latest Issue of The Pier

We Have a New Passcode for the Members Only Section of Our Website

The change took place on Tuesday, September 3, 2020. We have emailed out the new passcode to all those who we have verified are owners or residents of AOTB. If you think you might not be on our email list – like you can’t remember when you got the last email from us – now would be an excellent time to let us know your current email address: directory@arundelonthebay.org.


Welcome new residents, including renters. Please contact info@arundelonthebay.org so we may officially welcome you into the community and make sure we have your correct contact information. Please be prepared to provide a copy of your rental agreement.

Want to update your contact info? If you’re not sure we have your correct contact information--a new email or telephone number--please send an update to Directory@arundelonthebay.org.  Should there be an emergency at your house (think frozen pipe in winter while you are blissfully in Florida) we would love to be able to do something more than watch. Thanks!

Here’s the things we get asked about the most...

Who’s in charge here? We are an incorporated Property Owners Association governed by elected Officers and Board of Directors.  CLICK HERE to see who’s-who in the Association leadership including the various committees. AOTB is a Special Benefit Tax District and a Shore Erosion Control District which provides the source of funding for its activities.

Who lives here? To access the Community Directory, CLICK HERE. You will need a password to access the directory which is available to any resident in the community.  Email directory@arundelonthebay.org to have your residency verified and obtain the password. 

What’s been going on in the community? Other than this website (see our Calendar CLICK HERE), the easiest way to keep up with what’s going on is to read The Pier Newsletter which is published four times a year and mailed to the owner of record. Renters can also get on the mailing list, email directory@arundelonthebay.org. To see the most recent edition of The Pier CLICK HERE. Minutes from Board (monthly) and Membership (quarterly) meetings, see the Documents page or CLICK HERE.   

Do you have a pet? AOTB is part of Anne Arundel County and so County animal regulations apply within AOTB. This means all dogs should be on a leash. See Anne Arundel County animal regulations CLICK HERE. Please also make sure you are familiar with the locations of the dog waste stations in AOTB and adjacent Oyster Harbor. CLICK HERE.

Do you have guests? Use of the boat launching, pier and beach facilities in our community is for residents only. Visiting guests should be accompanied by a resident whenever possible. Should you not be able to accompany your guest, please obtain a guest pass from Lori Strum at info@arundelonthebay.org. so that should your guest encounter our security officer, they will be able to identify themselves.

Please send your comments on this website to secretary@arundelonthebay.org.

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We mark the tragic shooting at the Capital Gazette by remembering
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