Property Owners Association of Arundel-on-the-Bay - Committees

According to the Association Constitution the President may appoint Chairmen of the Standing Committees as follows:

  • Planning
  • Development and Community Services
  • Hospitality and Recreation
  • Membership
  • Pier and Boat Ramp
  • Security

The Chairman of the Board shall designate a Board member as an ex-officio member of each active committee.

Ad Hoc Committees may be created by the President as desired. Ad Hoc Committees shall disband at the fulfillment of their assignment or at the direction of the President.

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall be elected by the General Membership at the first General Meeting after the June election meeting and shall consist of no fewer than three (3) members and no more than five (5) members.

Duties of Committees

Chairmen of Standing Committees shall appoint an appropriate number of sub-committees to best meet the particular
needs and requirements of Arundel-On-The-Bay, shall be required to meet with the Board of Directors as requested, and shall perform such other duties as requested by the President.

Special (Ad Hoc) Committees shall execute the duties spelled out by the President at the time of their creation. The President shall have the authority to dissolve any Special (Ad Hoc) Committee at any time.

Committee on Planning and Development and Community Service

  • Shall maintain written assessment, with priorities, of the needs of Arundel-on-the-Bay.
  • Shall develop long and short range plans.
  • Shall be responsible for (1) maintenance and beautification of all community property, (2) environmental health and welfare, e.g., arranging for the clearing and cleaning of neglected unimproved property, organizing community cleanups and the control of litter on community and public streets and roads, and (3) maintenance of road signs, mosquito control, and fire control.

Membership Committee

  • Shall maintain an up-to-date mailing list of all FULL and ASSOCIATE members of Arundel-On-The-Bay and shall designate same by code:
    • FULL Members: Real property owners.
    • ASSOCIATE Members: Non-real property owners who are residents.
  • May publish a mailing list as desired.

Hospitality and Recreation Committee

  • Shall advise the President on all matters pertaining to the recreational programs and activities of the Association.
  • Shall express the sympathy of the community as prescribed when adversity strikes the members of Arundel-On-The-Bay.
  • Shall arrange to meet all new residents in Arundel-on-the-Bay to make them feel welcome and to explain the obvious benefits of living in the community.
  • Shall see that each new family receives a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association as well as the Rules and Regulations.

Nominations and Elections

  • Shall ascertain which offices are open for election and shall notify the membership, inviting suggested names for candidates.
  • Shall, after careful consideration, prepare a ballot giving the name of one person for each office up for election, after having ascertained that each prospective nominee is willing to serve in a given capacity. Space for nominations from the floor shall be provided for each office on the ballot.
  • Shall count ballots and determine the successful candidates, who shall be immediately announced.

Security Committee

  • Shall be responsible for arranging security throughout the Community.
  • Shall issue vehicle decals to identify personal automobiles of members of Arundel-On-The-Bay.
  • Shall issue recreational trailer decals to identify all recreational trailers authorized to use the Community launching ramp and other facilities.
  • Shall issue guest passes for the vehicles of guests of Arundel-On-The-Bay members.
  • Shall supervise security officer patrols of the Community, including establishing work schedules, estimating budgets, and verification of hours worked.
  • Shall be responsible for providing written notification to vehicle owners who repeatedly violate the Street Parking Regulation.
  • Shall also be responsible for having vehicles towed if necessary.
  • Shall be responsible for issuing approval for functions being held on Community Property for parties of more than 25 people.

Pier and Boat Ramp Committee

  • Shall be responsible for the operation of the Community pier and boat launching ramp.
  • Shall establish the priority for the docking of boats at the Community pier.
  • Shall recommend to the Board the annual fee and/or deposit required for use of the pier and/or boat ramp.
  • Shall deposit all monies collected on behalf of the Association with the Treasurer.